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12160 Alta Carmel Court, San Diego, CA, 92128, US

Phone: (858) 485-1978

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• 2020 San Diego's Best Winner: Day Care |

Making learning visible through observation, reflection and hypothesis.
children construct their own knowledge
We are a progressive school that follows the Reggio Emilia approach to learning. We believe that children are capable beings and our best catalyst to see the world from a fresh point of view.

Our role as educators begin with observation and documentation in order to uncover the intention behind the children’s play. Through rigorous research, collaboration with peers and children, and hypothesis we form new questions, provocations and experiences for children in order to scaffold their learning. Our goal is to take each child on a series of inquiries without the intention and pressure of getting to the “right” answer; rather focusing on the process of inquiry. When you allow breathing space, pauses and play to happen, you have allowed and trained the mind to think, collaborate, dream, embrace and innovate.

We believe in providing boundless opportunities for children to play, experience and understand their potentialities to help develop a voice and have the confidence to use it.