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3904 Convoy Street, San Diego, CA, 92111, US

Phone: (858) 576-2526

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• 2020 San Diego's Best Winner: Chicken Wings
• 2019 San Diego's Best Winner: Chicken Wings |

At Epic Wings, our family believes in delivering not only natural and fresh food and ingredients; we believe in providing an experience and connection for your local community. That’s why, for over 30 years, we continue to be your favorite spot.

It started long ago with a wing and a prayer. A few siblings decided that life in small town Upstate New York held few opportunities for wing lovers such as themselves; they needed more. They wanted people to understand and appreciate their affinity for things and wings alike…they dreamt of California.

After much deliberation, with just some change jingling in their pockets, a rickety Oldsmobile -known affectionately as the Wing Mobile-, and the loving support of their father, they began their trek to San Diego. They were nervous to say the least, but confident knowing they had a recipe for success; a Buffalo Wing recipe to be exact. Little about Buffalo Wings, or any wings, was known outside of New York, but that didn’t stop them. They were met with uphill trials and tribulations but soared above adversity all the stronger.

They worked tirelessly and finally, in 1982, the first Wings N’ Things opened in Pacific Beach, San Diego. Since then the company has spread its wings and grown to 17 Epic Wings N’ Things restaurants, and counting, throughout Southern California.

Epic Wings is committed to fresh, quality food. We compliment our award winning wings with creamy buttermilk ranch and famous golden bread sticks made in house daily. We strive constantly to serve you the best wings… ‘n’ things this nation has ever tasted.

Epic Wings… Your Spot.