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What to Expect From Walter Andersen Nursery Plants
Installing the plants in your landscape is your final step in the design process. Depending upon what you and your designer have decided, you may have opted to use smaller, less expensive plants with the understanding that you don’t mind waiting for them to grow and fill in. Some homeowners want to see a finished look immediately and will opt to buy larger, more expensive plants.

When you purchase plants at Walter Andersen Nursery, you are buying a plant that is a larger ‘retail grade’ plant rather than a smaller ‘landscape grade’ plant offered by box stores or some wholesale nurseries. The plants sold at the nursery are grown by growers that nur-ture plants to give them a good start so they will perform well in your landscape and remain healthy. Walter Andersen Nursery warranties its plants for 90 days and will work with you to ensure your plant’s success.

When your plant order is placed, it can take up to two weeks for the growers to provide the items you request, if they aren’t available out of our inventory. Walter Andersen Nursery will hold your plants until your order is complete, and can coordinate with your installer (whether it is a contractor or yourself) the delivery of the plants.

The integrity of your design is important. If you work with a designer, they will select plant varieties that they are confident will meet your needs. It is important that you or your designer be aware of plants that may be unavailable. In this case a substitution may be necessary. Our nursery knows how important it is to share this information with you. Making substitutions without your knowledge or your designer’s knowledge can compromise your design. On the rare occasion when this occurs, our buyers will work closely with you or your designer to find a substitution that does not detract from your overall design.

In this last step of a project that is so important to you and the look of your home, remember that you’ll get what you pay for. Let Walter Andersen Nursery help you put the final touch on your landscape.